Area Orientation Tours

These guided tours provide the transferee and family with the community information and resources they will need to make a satisfactory adjustment to their new surroundings. Individually tailored, these informative tours are designed to cover the practical resources such as stores, cleaners and restaurants, as well as focus on the transferee' areas of special interests.

Recruitment Area Tour $250 San Jose - Menlo Park
$350 San Mateo - San Francisco

A half-day tour that's designed to give the prospective employee the information and resources he/she needs to make an informed decision.

Subjects covered might be:
Settle-In Area Tour $500

A comprehensive day tour that will familiarize the employee and his/her family with relevant community resources and local points of interest.

Subjects covered might be:

Personal Banking / Shopping
Hospitals / medical facilities
Postal services
Adult Education and
Enrichment Programs
Public transportation
Cleaning / dry-cleaning
Farmers markets
Cultural and leisure activities
Consumer information
Local customs

Rental Tours

Basic Rental Services $500

Designed for the client who is familiar with the local communities and their resources. The package includes:

  • Overview of housing quality and prices
  • Research available properties
  • Coordinate and schedule appointments
  • Tour available properties
  • Assistance with lease negotiations and home inspections

Deluxe Rental Services $850

Created for the client who is new to the Bay Area and is in need of both an area orientation and rental assistance. This package combines the Settle-In Tour and the Basic Rental Service.

International Relocation Services $1,500

Individually tailored to address cultural diversity and the range of special needs that families from different cultures will have. This program guides the expatriate family through the multitude of options in housing, education and community resources that the Bay Area provides. Our most comprehensive service, it combines a cultural orientation to the Bay Area with the Settle-In Area Tour and the Basic Rental Service and familiarizing family with neighborhood. It's additional services might include assistance with:

  • Shops carrying familiar foods and services
  • Rental furniture
  • Housewares
  • Appliances
  • Electric converters
  • Relocating pets

The staff at It's About Time will be available to assist if there are ever any follow-up questions the transferring families may have.